Is it possible to play music/ jam in real-time using doozzoo?

Modified on Wed, 26 Oct 2022 at 09:36 AM

At this point it´s not easily possible for two musicians to play together over the internet without experiencing latency. Simply put: it just takes too much time for data to travel back and forth through the internet to make that work - doozzoo can´t solve that problem either unfortunately.

We offer a different solution to the problem:

We have developed a specialised "local latency compensation"-tool for doozzoo. This means you or your doozzoo-partner can perform to our metronome or to a playback track from our media library and the music is synced on both sides. All you have to do is flip the "play direction switch" to let the system know if you want it to compensate latency locally on your side or your students side. The switch indicates clearly "you play - student listens" or vice versa - so it´s very easy to use.

Making music online in real-time is only possible with enormous operating expense. The infrastructure needed costs between €5000 - €10.000 on each side of the connection - and you would need an exceptionally fast internet connection. There are research projects like L.O.L.A. in Italy that go to the limits of what´s possible today and still the latency is too great for the experience to feel natural. We´re all hoping for a scientific breakthrough in this area.

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