Release 3.8.1

Modified on Wed, 26 Oct, 2022 at 12:48 PM

Our latest release is packed with new features and enhancements for file sharing, audio player, score display and profile pictures. 

New features

  • A new default folder is available for all coaches: Workshop Room Media. Files added there are visible to all participants of a session and can be downloaded. This makes file transfer much easier - especially with unregistered users in workshop rooms.
  • The video player can now be used for playbacks and the like. The sound of the video is now - influenced by the play direction switch in the menu bar - only played on one side. In addition, the latency compensation also affects this sound. So analogous to the audio player it is now possible to play to videos.
  • The note display now works in all directions. All participants for whom the apps are allowed now send their notes to all other participants.
  • The previously available cartoon avatars get company. Those who can't find a suitable face for themselves can now select the default avatar in their profile. This consists of a gray circle and the first two letters of the nickname. And even better, you can now even upload your own profile picture!
  • Our metronome has received a special interface that allows users to control the metronome of their Vario system.
  • The sustain pedal function of the virtual piano can now also be switched on and off via the computer's keyboard using the "1" or the key on the right of the 0 key.


  • When you create a loop in the audio player, a small x now appears directly at the loop. Clicking on it will delete the loop.
  • When transmitting notes within the note display, notes were always displayed with the kind of accidental that someone selected for their own display. Now the sender of notes always determines whether they are displayed with # or b.
  • If the connection to the currently used audio input is lost, doozzoo will automatically select an alternative audio source if available. With this update, we are adding a notification at the top of the screen informing the user that the audio device has changed and which one is now in use.
  • When searching for files in the media library, it could happen that only a blank page was displayed. This problem is now fixed.
  • When entering an e-mail address, for example when logging in, spaces at the beginning and end are now filtered out. Also, in some places, entering uppercase letters could result in an error message. This problem is now fixed.


  • Improvements in the Italian translation
  • further stabilizations

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