How do I control multi-user sessions in doozzoo?

Modified on Wed, 26 Oct 2022 at 09:33 AM

Layout selection

Click this icon in the upper left corner of the session to open the layout selection menu.

In this menu you can directly select your desired view. Depending on the view, different numbers of videos are displayed in large size and all other images - if available - are displayed in small size in the lower right corner.

Solo -> one video large, rest small

Duo -> two videos large, rest small

Quartet -> four videos large, rest small

Ensemble -> all videos same size

Moderator function (only available in workshop rooms)

When you open a workshop room as a coach, the "Apply to all" option appears in the layout selection menu. If you activate this, all changes to your own view will be applied to all other participants, including the arrangement and order of the videos. This way you can control exactly what your students see.

If you want to change the view only for yourself, but keep the image for the other participants, simply uncheck "Apply to all".

Selecting videos for the large view

To bring a participant's video into the large view, just click in the middle of the corresponding video image.

This video will now be displayed as one of the large videos and another video will disappear in the small view at the bottom right to make room.

You will also see that videos selected this way will get a small pin icon in the upper left corner.

How do I control the audio signals of the other participants for myself?

Clicking on the arrow next to the name of a participant (1) opens a small menu in which you can mute the participant for yourself (2) and also adjust the volume. For all other participants the signal of this participant can still be heard.

After muting, an icon will appear next to the name indicating that you have muted this participant.

If a participant has muted his own microphone in the usual way in the blue menu bar, the following icon will appear at this point instead:

How do I control the audio for all participants?

You can mute one or more participants for everyone in the session.

To do this, open the participant list via this icon:

There you can mute all participants individually for all in the session by clicking on the microphone icon next to their name:

If they are currently muted by you, or because they have turned off their microphone themselves, this function is grayed out:

With a click on this button at the top of the participants list you can mute all participants at once. Only you as the coach will then remain switched on:

Note: The microphone can and must be switched on again by each participant.

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