How do I share my screen, e.g. for presentations? (screen sharing)

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The media library allows you to open content such as PDFs or audio files directly in doozzoo. You can find out how the media library works here: How to use the media library?

If you would like to display other content, special programs or your entire screen for other participants, you can use the "Screen sharing" function.

Click on this symbol in the menu bar:

A dialog will open in which you can select what you want to share. Depending on the browser you are using, you can choose whether you want to share the entire screen or just a single window.

In Google Chrome, you also have the option to share a browser tab. With this option, you determine whether you also want to share the audio of this tab. (Practical for YouTube videos etc.)

Note for MacOS users

In order for doozzoo to share your screen, this must be allowed in your Mac's system settings. Find out more here: How do I allow screen sharing in MacOS?

Please note: If you have activated automatic updates for Google Chrome, you may occasionally have to grant authorization again after such an update. This may require you to restart your browser.

Tip: Before important workshops or presentations, you should open your room in good time before the start and test whether screen sharing works. You can also try this out without other participants.

Note on the "Million Mirror Effect"

If your entire screen seems to distort into infinity when you split it, this is not a sign of malfunction. You can find a simple explanation here:

How to prevent the infinite screenshare "million mirror" effect?

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