Why do I have to invite my students?

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1. You can permanently exchange files with each other via the media library.

2. You don't have to send a session link. Just start the session at the schedulded time .join your students

With doozzoo you have an integrated highly secure filesharing & cloud storage. 

The invite-link makes it possible to connect the coach and student securely.

E.g. with dropbox you have to invite other persons to a shared folder, too.

And on Skype or zoom, you don’t have this integrated cloud storage functions.

(For a test-session you only have to click  "create room" an send the room-link to your test-partner. But in the test-modus, you can't share files and it's limited in time)

The coach has to invite his students only once via a "invitation-link".

Create and send each student a new invitation-link via e.g. e-mail. If the student's registration was successful, the invitation link disappears from the list and the student appears in the list.

Note::: Sending the "test link" as in Testmode - (Session URL) is no longer necessary.

Students who come in via the test link only have a test time of 10min and you can't send files,

exchange or save them permanently.

What does the student has to do?

The invited student only needs to do the following:

1. open the invitation link

2. register

3. Fill in the profile

Your student will then find the coach under "My Coaches" and can join an ongoing session with "Join Session". The invitation of a student has to be done only once! Manual for students.

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