How to use the "Lesson recording" function?

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The "Lesson Recording" function is particularly useful for recording longer passages or the entire lesson. All video streams of the session participants are recorded, including the screen sharing sessions that take place.

The sound and display of the apps are not recorded. Please use the recorder app to record the apps and your own microphone signal and videos. You can find more information here: How does the audio and video recorder work?

Archiving can only be started by the coach. All participants are informed that the lesson is being recorded by a red dot in the webcam image.

(Note: Lesson Recording function is only permanently available to PRO customers. FREE customers can try out the function during the thirty-day trial period.)

Start recording

Click on the "Record" icon during the lesson.

Then click on "Start lesson recording" in the window that opens to start recording.

End recording

Click on the "Record" icon again.

Then click on "Stop lesson recording". The recording is stopped.

Access your recordings

You will find the "Recordings" list in the media library. Each recording appears here after a short time. The longer the recording, the longer it may take until it is available.

In the media library, you can share the recording with your students, download and rename it. You can find more information on how to use the media library here: How to use the media library?

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