How do I use the participant list?

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In the participants list you get an overview of all your students and can access some functions that are very useful for group lessons and other multi-user sessions. Of course, this list is only available to teachers.

Below you will find a short overview of all functions:

(1) Flip this switch to automatically mute the microphone of all students when they enter your room. This way you can avoid, for example, that in large groups too much unrest is caused when entering. Of course, students can turn their microphones back on at any time.

(2) Mute all students with a single button press. This will also mute them for all other participants. Your own microphone will not be affected. The students can turn their microphone back on at any time.

(3) If your room is locked (red lock on the left side of the screen), this area will show all students currently waiting in the waiting room for access to the session.

(4) Click here to allow waiting students access to your room. They can then enter the room with one click.

(5) Here you can see all students who are currently in the session. The following session-related options are only available in this area.

(6) Enable access to the apps and the piano.

If this field is activated (dark blue icon), the apps will also open on this student's side when you open them. If you now start the metronome and set the play direction switch in the lower menu bar to "Students play", the metronome will be played from the computer of each individual student who has access to the apps.

If this field is activated, the students have the possibility to open and use the piano via the icon in the lower menu bar.

If this field is unchecked, the apps will not open on the corresponding student's page. They will also not be able to access the piano. However, if you open the piano from yourself, it will also appear on their page so they can see what you are playing.

(7) Use this icon to mute individual students for everyone. They can turn their microphone back on at any time if necessary.

(8) Clicking on this icon removes students from the session and places them in the waiting room. From here they can re-enter if the lock is open. If you don't want them to do this, you can lock the session by clicking on the green/red lock on the left side of your screen. This will only allow them to request entry and you can grant it as described in (4).

(9) Finally you will find a list of all students who are permanently connected to you on doozzoo and who can see that you are currently active.

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