Recording individual voices in a choir rehearsal

Modified on Wed, 26 Oct 2022 at 12:40 PM

Goal: Recording of a choir

Implementation: The choir members record their individual voices live in doozzoo and transmit them to the choir director* for later mixing.

1. The "students" or choir members turn off their microphones in doozzoo.

Only the choir director leaves his microphone on in doozzoo.

2. the choir director opens the apps in doozzoo. 

The choir members and the choir director start the audio recording in the recorder. Note: Only their own voice or instrument is recorded.

4. the choir leader counts out and sings live to e.g. his/her own piano accompaniment. 

Note: To get a clear synchronization point for the later mixing, the choir leader should count out 2 bars and the second bar should be clapped along by everyone and counted out loud).

5. The choir members sing their voices to the accompaniment of the conductor. Each individual voice is recorded on the computers of the participants in the recorder in doozzoo.

6. after recording, everyone presses the recording button again to stop the recording.

7. everyone now saves the recording to their media library via the cloud icon (cloud).

8. From there, they share the recording with the choir leader(s).

9. the choir leader now has all (voice) tracks and can mix them together in a multitrack program (e.g. Garage Band, Logic, Cubase etc.) to create a choir.

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