Release 3.6.2

Modified on Wed, 26 Oct, 2022 at 12:49 PM

doozzoo version 3.6.2 brings some new features for our coaches and other small improvements:

What's New

  • The Pre-Call Check is now also available for coaches. This allows them to automatically check with every session start if all settings for camera and microphone are set correctly and make changes if necessary. You want to get even more out of it? Then check out the advanced settings. There you can set more options like audio bitrate, video resolution, etc.

    The Pre-Call Check also stabilizes the session setup, as doozzoo automatically checks the access to camera and microphone.

    (By the way, the Pre-Call Check can be used as a replacement for the previous Pre-Session Check. Only the measurement of local audio latency is currently only available in the Pre-Session Check).


  • As a coach you can now become a director. If you select "Apply to all" in the Layout View menu, not only the rough layout, i.e. the number of large and small videos, is now transferred to all other participants in the session, but also the exact arrangement of the videos that you see. So you can now control exactly which video images are in focus.
  • Previously, the apps within a session appeared on a slightly transparent surface. This meant that you could no longer operate underlying elements, such as the thumbnail videos or the piano, while the apps were open. This background has now disappeared and access to the visible areas is free again.
  • Tuner and Recorder are now available for Appledevices! For a long time it was not possible to make these two apps available on the iPad and in Safari on the Mac. Now we made it and you can use all apps on all devices and in all browsers.

    (Please don't forget that we still strongly recommend using Google Chrome on all devices).

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