How do I measure and compensate my local latency?

Modificato il Fri, 22 Sep 2023 alle 11:58 AM

With this tool you can measure (roundtrip) and compensate the internal latency of your local audio hardware. After the test, you can play your instrument together with your doozzoo metronome or audio player, so that the other side hears both signals synced.

1. Use headphones

2. Log in to your doozzoo account

3. Click on 'Pre-session check' and select headphone mode. Make sure the volume of your headphones is not too low.

4. Go to 'Audio input latency compensation' and click 'Recalculate here'

5. Hold a headphone cup - without wiggling - directly to your active microphone to avoid disturbing noise during the test. This also works with external microphones:

6. Start the test procedure. You will hear several clicks. Hold on until the test is finished.

7. Click the button that appears to confirm and save the latency value. You're now ready to go!

See also our tutorial on youtube:

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