What should I do if the session does not start?

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When setting up the session, the following insertion comes up:

"One moment please, we are preparing your session...".

If this message does not disappear and the session is not established,

you can usually quickly remedy the situation by:

1. Perform a browser reload or refresh.

2. Browser and/or computer restart.

3. Update the doozzoo version in the "Pre session check".

This will refresh outdated settings in the browser cache and fix e.g. possible problems with external devices which are not being recognized.

4. If you still face any issues please clean your cache manually!

Klick here for the manual for the Chrome browser

There are other possible reasons why the session cannot be established:

1. browser is outdated or not suitable:

PC or Mac computer, Android tablet / mobile with current Chrome or Firefox browser.

iPad / iPhone works only with" Safari Browser".

2. the browser asks for permission to access the camera and microphone. 

If this was accidentally denied, you can not access the devices and the session will not start.

In this case, you can usually restart the browser to restart the query.

The settings can also be changed in the browser settings:

How do I allow access to camera and microphone permissions in the Chrome browser?

3. the Internet access is not active or too slow. 

4. the camera and/or microphone are blocked by the privacy settings in Windows 10:

Please perform the following test and send us the result as screenshots. 

At the end of the test you can also output the test result as text.

Please copy the text and send it as well.


Thanks in advance!

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