Release 3.7.0

Modified on Wed, 26 Oct 2022 at 12:49 PM

doozzoo version 3.6.3 includes mainly many subtle improvements and bug fixes. In addition, there is a fancy new gray menu bar and the launch of a great new feature.

What‘s new

  • With this release, we're introducing the first version of a new feature: the note display. You can find this within the apps. There you can see the notes you play on the doozzoo piano or via a MIDI keyboard. The coach automatically transmits the displayed notes to all other participants of the session. Of course, this feature will be expanded in the future.
  • The sustain pedal in the doozzoo piano can now be operated with the mouse. For this we have made the small pedal display clickable. With another click you can switch off the sustain function.
  • Bit by bit we are revising the design of the app. A little change of scenery never hurt and will hopefully make everything even clearer. In the first step, the menu bar has been grayed out to attract less attention, especially during the session, and to make the icons even more visible.


  • When opening a video from the media library and sharing it with the other side, it no longer starts there automatically, but behaves exactly as it is operated on the owner's side incl. start, stop and play position.
  • If media - such as audio files, PDFs or videos - are opened, shared and moved, they now move on the other side relative to the screen size. So different screen resolutions between coach and student are no longer a problem.
  • The windows mentioned can also be moved out of the screen to the right and down if you don't need them for the moment. This way you can free the view on the videos of the session. But since a small part of the windows always remains on the screen, you can grab them again at any time and drag them to any desired location.
  • If you had moved a media window far to the right or down, it could happen that they disappeared in the invisible area when you reduced the size of the browser window. This bug is fixed now and the windows move with the borders of the browser window.
  • The so-called "slackline", which determines the position of the apps, can now no longer be accidentally pushed up or down out of the window.
  • If the apps were open, it could happen that you could no longer click on some elements on the screen, such as the video thumbnails. This is now fixed.
  • When the audio device selected as microphone is disconnected, doozzoo now automatically selects another existing audio device.
  • In the media windows, the "Remote On/Off" label has been replaced by "Window Position Sync".
  • Stability improvements in the Pre-call Check
  • Corrections in the Spanish doozzoo version

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