How does the administration layer for institutions work ?

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Create user account

To create a teacher or a pupil/student account, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the e-mail address of the user to be invited
  2. Select the role "Student" or "Coach"
  3. Click on "Create account"

The invitee will then automatically receive an email with their login details:

The username is the email address and the invitation password is randomly generated.

NOTE: In the profile area, each user can add their name and nickname. It is strongly recommended to replace the default password with your own. This can be done in the profile area or via "Forgot your password?").

List for pending invitations

In the "Pending invitations" section serves as a monitor and shows all users who have not yet logged in to doozzoo. Here you have the following options:

  1. Resend the invitation email. A new password will be generated and sent.
  2. Remove the account. This will delete the user completely.
  3. Click on the three asterisks to display the temporary invitation password for this account.

Connect users

In the following list all users, teachers and students are listed. You can filter by role, name or email address and see the number of "filtered" users.

Each user has its own entry. In the following example, the user is a coach (orange), who has a "coach" (orange) and a "student" (green) assigned to him. The following options are available:

  1. Display of the role (coach/student/administrator).
  2. The top date shows when this user last actively logged in.
    NOTE: Users do not log out, they usually stay logged in to the browser automatically. Therefore, this date may be further back than their last activity on doozzoo. The date below indicates when this user was created.
  3. If the button "Allow invitations" is activated, coaches can invite their students themselves. If it is deactivated, new students can only be created and assigned to the coach via the administration level. 
  4. If the switch "Access" is deactivated, this user cannot log in and has no access to doozzoo.
  5. Via the three points "Actions Menu" an option for deleting the access can be displayed. Clicking on "Delete" there will delete the entire coach or student account including access and all settings and assignments.
  6. Each assigned coach or student can be seen as a chip (orange or green). Here you can delete assignments or add new ones by clicking next to the last entry. A list of all available users opens. By entering word parts of the e-mail address, one can quickly find the person one wants to connect.


Coaches can also be assigned to other coaches. This means that they appear there in the student list and can enter the room of the assigned coach and share files.

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