GingerAudio CASTER (a great loopback app to route your DAW, desktop audio ecc.)

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Loopback a DAW or signal into doozzoo on Mac OS X

In this tutorial we're going to see how to route the signal of any DAW and send it to doozzoo.

1. Download and install CASTER

CASTER is a virtual mixer cable-free audio routing for Mac. You can combine multiple audio sources of any kind like

  1. applications (Spotify, Youtube, DAW, ecc.)
  2. microphones (internal or external)
  3. audio interfaces 

and send them as a single signal into doozzoo.

2. Set audio preferences on Mac

Open your System Preferences on your Mac, go to "Sound" and set CASTER as the OUTPUT. 

2a. How to route any DAW into doozzoo

Open your DAW, and set the audio preferences like in the photo below.

INPUT: your audio interface/built in microphone/external microphone


2a Setup CASTER

Select the DAW through the APP button, select the main output where you want to monitor all the audio.

In the OUTPUTS section we have 

  1. Streaming- the level of the signal that we'll send to doozzoo
  2. Monitoring - what we are going to hear

On the left side, where the Logic logo appears, we have two faders:

  1. streaming
  2. monitoring

With those faders we can decide how much volume of the single app (Logic) we'll send to the streaming (doozzoo) or to our monitoring section (ourself).

Deactivate the streaming volume for the "Desktop audio" by pressing the streaming button or lowering the fader all the way down. This will avoid echos and feedback for your students.

By pressing the botton marked in red, we can link or unlink the streaming and monitoring faders.

3. Setup doozzoo

Open doozzoo, go to "Pre session check" and select CASTER STREAM MIX as the audio INPUT

... or at the login.

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