Free loopback solution for Windows

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To send the audio signal of a DAW like Cubase, Ableton Live, ProTools etc. to doozzoo, you need a dedicated solution. We show you here how you can do this easily and for free.

(By the way, this solution works for all programs where you can send the output signal independently from the system sound).


Download and install VoiceMeeter

VoiceMeeter is a virtual mixer that allows you to mix up to two audio devices with sound sources from your computer.

Download Voicemeeter here for free: Download Voicemeeter

Open the downloaded installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.


1. select audio output in DAW

Open your DAW. Select "VoiceMeeter Input" as the output device there.

Since different applications differ in their settings, please refer to the manual or help of your software to find out where you can set this. You will probably find it in the general settings.

2. VoiceMeeter settings

  • Open VoiceMeeter.
  • Click on the 1 in the upper left corner and select your microphone or the device your microphone is connected tofrom the list.

    Activate the circle with the big B further down.

  • You can use Hardware Input 2 if you want to use another audio device, such as an interface. Normally this area is irrelevant.
  • To the right you will find the track "Virtual Input". This is where the signal from your DAW will arrive if you have previously selected the correct audio output there. Activate the two circles with A and B. (A activates the sound of your DAW on your headphones, B makes it audible for participants in your room).
  • Click A1 in the upper right corner and select the device your headphones are connected to.
  • When you play something in your DAW, it should now be audible on your headphones.

In this example, a RØDE NT-USB Mini is used as the microphone (track 1) and the device for the headphone jack (output A1). The microphone signal is sent to the other participants in the room using the B button. The DAW signal (Virtual Input) is also audible to everyone and can also be heard on the headphones with switch A.

Use in doozzoo

Go to and log in. Go to the settings and select "VoiceMeeter Output" as audio input.

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