Release 5.0

Modificato il Fri, 08 Dec 2023 alle 10:40 AM

doozzoo 5.0 takes the next step towards an adapted working environment for smaller screens, such as tablets or smaller laptops. All familiar tools are placed in their own location. This creates a much tidier working environment that optimizes the workflow and thus focuses on teaching.

What's new

  • Revamped UI: The classroom and studio have been completely redesigned. The apps now appear on the right-hand side and can be opened and closed individually as required. The PDF display and the audio player have also been given their own areas. This means that there are no longer any tools above the video images.
  • Dashboard: By simply entering the room link in doozzoo, you can join any workshop room directly from the dashboard.
  • Recorder:The recorder app can now record all audio sources on your own side. For example, you can record the metronome, play the piano and sing via your microphone. In the mixer, you can flexibly set whether each signal should be recorded or not


  • Piano: The connection quality of the participants is displayed in the piano. If the clock button is green, the connection is optimal and there is hardly any delay when playing together. If the color changes to yellow or red, the connection quality is poorer and there may be more latency when playing together.
  • Screen sharing: The quality of screen sharing has been improved and content is now transmitted much sharper.
  • Screen sharing: When sharing the screen, the name of the sharer is no longer displayed twice in the coach's student list.
  • Studio: The settings wheel is now also available in the studio so that you can quickly select the correct microphone to record with the recorder.
  • Room: When a student enters the classroom, he/she will always find the current status. All apps that the coach currently has active are automatically opened

Bug fixes

  • EDU user lists: Although students and teachers of an institution have already registered and filled out their profile, they appeared to the administrator as pending invitations. This problem has now been fixed.

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