How are the licenses applicable for coaches and workshop rooms?

Modificato il Mer, 27 Set, 2023 alle 9:30 PM

Basically, every teacher needs an account, because every teacher gets his own access with his own media library. A joint use of a teacher license or account is not possible technically and also for data protection reasons since each account offers an individual media library.
 With our new pricing model, you only pay for the teachers' licenses - students receive access with an individual media library free of charge. 
This means that you can allocate your quota of licenses to teachers according to your wishes. If a teacher no longer needs the account, you can simply delete the teacher and register the new teacher instead. 

With the workshop rooms, groups of up to 25 participants can be taught in one room. Moreover, analogous to reality, key authority can be assigned to different teachers for these workshop rooms.

You can add and name them as you wish: 

For example, you can set up the following workshop room:

The teachers who have key authority can then use this workshop room. These rooms are then also directly accessible via this URL and can thus also be visited by participants who do not have an account. This can be used e.g., for entrance exams, where applicants who do not (yet) have an account in the institution can easily participate.

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